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C P Hart - Brand Application, Retail Strategy, Graphic and Interior Design - Brand consulting services, branding and corporate identity services india

In the wake of expanding their network of UK showrooms and developing their online presence, C.P. Hart commissioned I-AM to develop their retail format strategy and showroom experience concept.
I-AM worked collaboratively with C.P. Hart’s senior management to define a sector-leading approach that consolidates their position as the high-end brand of choice for discerning customers and professionals.
Demonstrating how physical and digital retail are becoming increasingly integrated, I-AM created a digitally augmented environment that showcases C.P. Hart’s key collections in
a seamless, limitless ‘virtual showroom’. This new direction is being piloted at C.P. Hart’s Chelsea site.
C.P. Hart’s core value of ‘inspiration’ was conceptually translated by I-AM by commissioning Jason Bruges Design to create a dramatic multimedia art installation that celebrates the beauty
of flowing water. The overall result is a strong brand statement that supports C.P. Hart’s goal of being ‘the best luxury bat…

Eastpak & I-AM Mumbai & Brand architecture services and Brand design agency india

I-AM was selected by Deloitte Digital to curate and design a pop-up concept store for their client Eastpak – the global back-pack brand.
The pop-up concept brief was to test digital browsing and shopping within a real store environment with little product on display against the traditional store aesthetic.
In addition I-AM was tasked with creating an experience befitting the young Shoreditch urbanite. A market fully immersed with the latest experiences, technology and pop-up concepts. Our creation had to be enticing enough to draw their interest.
Working closely with the Deloitte team, our designers developed a concept that was focussed on the consumer journey and an experience that would capture the imagination whilst hosting the technology and product required to carry out the six-week trial test. What we did Brand Identity
Concept design
Project management
Interior Design

Ben & Jerrys Retail Store Design | B&J Customer Journey Mapping, branding agency and brand consultants india

How do you take a globally loved ice cream brand, and give it an authentically local flavour for its ultimate retail brand experience in the European market? This was the mission for I-AM, working with the teams in the UK and the US from one of Unilever’s most famous brands.
To adapt the legendary Ben & Jerry’s brand for European flagship stores, we toured cities from Amsterdam to Barcelona, and true to our People Inspired Experiences mantra, spent time analysing the core target customer groups, from Brand Loyalists & Aspiring Activists to Fun Seekers & Tourists. The resulting design for the pilot Scoop Shop in London’s Wardour Street, is rooted in the original global brand, but this is creatively translated through two new lenses: firstly the European consumer sensibility, then more locally the London ‘vibe’.
Brand Personality
Ben & Jerry’s personality reflects their product flavours; quirky, irreverent and unique. The brand has always been an activist for positive s…

Education Sector & Branding, Marketing Consulting Services & Brand Architecture Services in India

Education Education has become a true marketplace. Students have more choice than ever before when choosing an educational establishment and competition is fierce. It’s therefore of paramount importance that your school, college or university branding sets you apart from the also-rans.
The reality of the education sector today is that it is becoming increasingly consumer-facing. Your brand needs to inspire prospective students and instil a desire to become part of your institution. We specialise in creating aspirational and professional brand identities to help you achieve this goal.
As well as being experts in branding, we have expertise in crafting delightful customer experiences. The customer journey of a student may be longer than that of a customer in a shop but an exceptional experience at every step of the way remains vital. We have created end-to-end student centred experiences for adult education establishments such as Vanta and JetKing and designed engaging campus food desti…