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Hüsnü Erel Executive Vice President, Garanti

Garanti Bank approached I-AM to re-design their investment portal Paragaranti. The research and interview revealed us that existing investment portals are alike and the content generated in all financial portals are for the advanced levels; no content is suitable for the customers with basic financial knowledge and risk appetite. This gap we had realised in the market became one of the most crucial insight onto which we based our design strategy.

From a housewife who invests only in gold, to a trader who manages his own portfolio, we categorized 5 different persona groups. After deeply analyzing the needs and experience maps of these personas, we designed Paragaranti experience from scratch – an investment information platform which meets the needs of user profiles with various risk appetites and financial knowledge.
To avoid intimidation of the users with long essays and reports, we had introduced Paratip feature. Additionally, we introduced other features such as ROI comparison, graphic interpretation and Paraoyun. These features were designed to increase the financial knowledge of the users with low information and risk appetite level. With the help of these innovative features, among other investment portals, Paragaranti turned into a platform where investment advisory could be easily grasped and where users can make fast purchase and sale. With this visually appealing portal differing from its competitors, investment has become much easier!
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