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Chris Morris Founder

Born from the realisation that London was missing a fast-paced and healthy Caribbean grab & go food concept, BAYGO is the product of the founder’s Caribbean island heritage and urban London upbringing.

We started working with the team behind BAYGO in 2016, and from naming and concept to execution it’s been an incredible journey. Having already established their successful Singapore Caribbean restaurant ‘Lime House’ the BAYGO family approached us to help with the launch of their fast-casual concept in the UK.

Brand Mission
BAYGO’s mission is to change the perception of Caribbean food in the UK, and make it easy for time poor office workers to experience fresh, delicious, affordable Caribbean food. Taking advantage of the building momentum behind the public’s desire for gourmet street food, we wanted to help BAYGO introduce Caribbean food as a viable fast casual concept.

Brand Personality & Values
BAYGO is inspired by the goal to redefine the Caribbean eating experience in the UK. We wanted to truly bring BAYGO’s personality to life through the brand design and offer Londoners a ‘taste of sunshine’ in the grey cityscape. Confidently exotic, the bright brand language takes inspiration from the beautiful natural environment, the fresh seasonal ingredients and the positive attitude of the local people.

The name itself, originates from founder Chris Morris’s roots in Tobago, whilst also playing with the fresh, island associations that come with the word ‘bay’. This playful association with BAYGO is reflected throughout the brand’s tone of voice and food communication, with Caribbean dialogue presented across the interiors, product packaging, menu and website.

The BAYGO family strives to empower their consumers with the choice to experience true Caribbean delicacies that they would not otherwise come across in their daily routines. Committed to excellence from breakfast through to late lunch, on the go or in store, the food offering is healthy and vibrant. The Fresh Caribbean menu offers a modern and diverse take on dishes from across the islands, and champions that ‘sunshine is not only good for you, but also good for your food.’ Pioneering, confident and deliciously different, the BAYGO team have created a store in the heart of the city with values that feel local and vibes-y.

Store Concept
The store concept looks to capture the vibrant essence of the Caribbean in a bold and engaging way. Lighting acts as a principal feature, with palm leaf patterns cut into the ceiling and layered before the light sources. This play with light creates dappled shadows across the surfaces and takes customers to the heart of the cuisine – under the shade of a palm tree in the Caribbean sunshine. Colour is equal in its importance within the interiors, reflecting the vibrancy of the exotic culture and reinforcing the brand’s colour scheme.

Customer Journey
Before entering the space, the customer gets a hint of the vibrancy of the food with a subtle colour spectrum vinyl applied to the large exterior windows. Once through the door, they are immediately drawn to the illuminated counter which showcases the BAYGO colour spectrum in its full glory. This feature has been included in the space to showcase a new, non-clichéd take on Caribbean cuisine, and to communicate the vibrancy and diversity of the islands. This works in contrast to the calm, subtle fretcut ceiling raft, which allows light to filter through, mimicking the feel of sunshine through palm leaves.

The kitchen is a hub of activity, and you get a glimpse of this through the opening into the food prep area. Customers can either order from the counter, or collect food from the ‘grab and go’ fridge, under the ‘Fresh Caribbean’ neon sign.

Rather than just offering ‘grab and go’ to take back to their desks, customers have the option to stay and enjoy their taste of sunshine along with the good vibes. The large BAYGO wall feature, made up of succulents and flowers that nod towards the native Caribbean, draws people into the space and invites them to sit at the tables directly below it or on the bench facing out of the window.

Icons and tone of voice are painted and applied directly to the walls of the store. They share little known facts about the Caribbean, acting almost conversational, and reinforce that BAYGO is more diverse than the typical Caribbean food offering in the UK.
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